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TGA-Sorption System

Measurements with controlled humidity

The TGA-Sorption System is designed to analyze materials under defined conditions of temperature and relative humidity (RH).

  • Unique flexibility – a highly sensitive thermobalanace combined with full sorption analysis capability
  • Defined environment – the effect of moisture and temperature on material properties can be easily investigated
  • Pre-conditioning versatility – methods allow the use of elevated preconditioning temperatures (up to 150 °C)


TGA-Sorption System
TGA-Sorption System

The design concept combines the performance and versatility of the large furnace TGA 1, TGA/DSC 1, TGA/DSC 2 or TGA/SDTA85xe thermobalance with a unique interface approach that allows a humidity generator to be connected via a transfer line within a few minutes.

Measurements at controlled relative humidity provide information that is crucial for understanding the effects that moisture content can have on the properties of a wide range of materials:

  • Processing – spray-dried powder that becomes moist can potentially block production equipment
  • Product shelf life – can be shortened by moisture uptake due to inadequate packaging
  • Structural properties – moisture content can reduce bioavailability and influence the therapeutic effect